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Rob Payne Engineering

One off jobs that a lot of larger companies find too tedious to look at are not a problem at Rob Payne Engineering. Rob has the ability to work with his customers and solve the most complex problems and designs required to get them working again, or prototype equipment up and running.

As a lifelong and experienced fisherman himself, Rob has a great reputation in the marine and boating industries for his creative designs and solutions to make a boat owner or tournament angler’s life easier.

Rob also has vast experience in all styles of reclamation for work from all brands of earthmoving equipment. From simple repairs to manufacturing complete new components back to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Existing patterns

Rob Payne Engineering can provide repairs and fabrications from existing patterns.

Technical Drawings

Rob is also well experienced in repairs and fabrications from technical drawings.

One off jobs

No job is too small or tedious for Rob Payne Engineering. In fact, one off jobs are Rob’s specialty!

Marine & Boating

With over 25 years of fishing experience Rob has always made products to make the boating/fishing life easier including his latest range of transducer poles.

Earthmoving Equipment

From simple repairs to manufacturing complete new components.

Can’t be repaired?

Let Rob take a look. He’s completed many jobs that others said couldn’t be done.

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Transducer Poles

Rob has always made products to make the boating/fishing life easier and simpler. The transducers poles were created so that fishers could independently change the beam positioning of the transducer to see the fish coming from all angles rather than be limited by the electric motor position. Demonstrated by Garmin Pro-team member Luke Fallon…


Standard Stick, MIG and TIG welding and fabrication | Component repairs for earthmoving machinery | Centre lathe machining | Universal Milling | One off design work